Saturday, May 8, 2010

Too many good ones to choose!

Photographer- Kyla Hemmelgarn
Model- Wallis -
Makeup/Hair- Marianna -

3 Shoots, 2 Talented Photographers, 1 desginer and a Celebrity

I always feel so very lucky with all the opportunities given to me, and to work with some amazing and talented people! Its always great to go to work with friends. Here are a few recent publications I did with those great people!


Photographer- Mike Chatwin
Makeup/Hair- Marianna
Models- Alicia Demerson + Tiera
FUXYZ Magazine - "Vessel"

Photographer- Trevor Brady
Stylist- Deanna Palkowski
Model- Dasha
Makeup/Hair by Marianna

LOOK Magazine Featuring Eric McCormack

Photographer- Mike Chatwin
Photo Assistant- Carlie Wong
Mens Grooming- Marianna

WOW it has been awhile

Holy moly smokey its been awhile! This is unlike me to desert a social networking thing, but I am quilty! I promise to update it more frequently, but in the meantime here is what I've been up too the past few months!

I will start off with my awesome and most talented photographer Fred Fraser. You can view his Blog and his recent portrait of me at